About Us

At Pro-Scape, we have a team of highly skilled and professional experts that are able to complete any project in a honest and safe manner, but keeping the customer their number one priority all the way through.

Our team is built up of a wide range of professionals that each have a skill set and qualification that shines through when the finished product is seen by each of our customers.

We even have a number of contract managers and estimators who work closely with developers, local authorities and architects to help deliver you a service that always finishes on time and within budget.

About Us

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    We Are Fully Trained

    The wealth of experience each team member has means you are in the right hands to get the job done and bring your dream landscape to reality. Our team of fully trained and qualified professionals are equipped to undertake all landscaping operations. The qualifications between all of us include CSCS, CPCS, PA1 and PA6 spraying certificates and First Aid training. Although our team contains members with various work experiences, they all share the same focus on providing quality workmanship in a safe and efficient manner.

    Our Team Have The Qualifications To Meet Your Demands

    • CSCS
    • CPCS
    • PA1
    • PA6 spraying
    • First Aid training