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Keeping your lawn healthy, in attractive condition and safe for children and pets is of vital importance to any garden owner. There is more to landscape maintenance than you may think. We make an art of maintenance with our extensive knowledge, skills, tools and supplies. Our team have a passion for what we do, so you can expect the utmost level of care and attention committed to any task we carry out.

Our maintenance teams will take care of your grounds, thanks to our specialised horticultural background. We will take full responsibility for your garden maintenance no matter how intense or complex it may be.

Our range of work covers anything from lawn care to planting seasonally; ultimately aiming to ensure your garden is as stunning as possible. Our bespoke packages cover a wide range of services, suitable for any garden requirement or budget. We can also offer professional and expert opinion and advice to help you personally maintain your garden in-between visits if you wish for a hands-on approach.

For more information on our services or Pro-Scape’s guarantee of your garden’s upkeep, use our online contact form or call us on 01284 735 779.

Offering our clients a professional maintenance service

    • Lawn Care

      The key to a healthy lawn is care and maintenance. This is true to both new and existing lawns. To help reduce the need for renovation at a later date, you must ensure that our maintenance work is regular and thorough. One important task to ensure the maintenance of your lawn is regular mowing. We can help by offering our services at any time, especially when it’s at its most crucial time such as spring and summer. We also take care specifically to your garden, such as getting the cutting height and the mowing frequency specifically to your garden. This level of detail makes a big difference to your maintenance. Moss and thistle growth can become unsightly additions to your garden.

      Our services extend past just grass cutting and edging, and as such we can offer removal services to unwanted growth in your garden. Moss becomes a trouble for most gardens at some point and is an unfortunate result of poor growing conditions. You can combat this by improving the health and condition of your lawn however overfeeding may be needed. Using a recommended fertiliser can improve vitality and act as prevention against moss.

      Offering our services at any time

      This level of detail makes a big difference

    • Water Features

      A water feature can often be the showpiece of your garden, and so it is important for you to look after and maintain it as best as possible so to keep its product life expectancy as long as possible. We have experience in water features management and can offer our expertise on optimising your water levels and keeping them at the level they should be. Along with cleaning any features, we will also check your PH levels are correct and any algae is cleared.

      We can also manage seasonal timing changes, and offer regular maintenance such as bulb changes on water features that have lights or automatic timers installed.

      We offer a regular maintenance service

      Experts at optimising your water levels

    • Irrigation

      Watering regularly and appropriately is an important way to keep your gardens condition as high as possible. Watering can be done in several methods; Sprinklers: If you need to raise the moisture grade of an unplanted area, you can use a sprinkler to water your lawn. Hoses and watering cans: For best results when watering, the stem bases beneath foliage canopy should be targeted. Leaving the surrounding soil dry helps reduce weed problems. Seep hoses: These holed hoses are used with plants in rows to offer even and accurate watering. When placed below soil, they are kept out of sight and can avoid evaporation loss. They can be fitted when your garden is in its design and delivery stage. Automated irrigation systems: Replace your hoses and watering cans with one of these systems, which saves you time and effort. We at Pro-Scape can fit and maintain irrigation systems. Watering is a necessity for your garden, and we can offer ways to minimise your mains water usage and cost. We can help you set up grey water harvesting or rain water butt systems to aid in your maintenance work.

      Keep your gardens condition as high as possible

      Offering ways to cut your water usage & cost

    • Trees & Shrubs

      Trees and shrubs need proper care and attention throughout their lifetime. From the day they are planted, we can offer a hand in your maintenance. Frequent watering is especially important with new plants, along with weed removal and pruning to hold bud growth back to help maximise plant growth. Older trees must not be forgotten too if they are to continue healthy growth. Pruning and coppicing are vital activities.

      It is also important to consider and prevent larger trees from shadowing important parts of your garden. Our team can offer experienced advice on how to ensure your hedgerows grow thick and healthy, and how to care for shrubs and trees. Maintaining shaped topiary such as sculptures and box hedges is something we have experience on as well, and so can help out there too.

      Offering experienced advice

      Maintaining shaped topiary

    • General Garden

      From leaves clearance in autumn to planting annuals in spring, we can maintain your garden. We can also offer related garden services such as repainting fences and decking and jet washing patios. Our team is here to ensure your vision for your garden is fully envisioned, maintained and brought back to life for the years to come.

      Repainting fences & decking

      Jet washing patios

      Much more services