Get The Most Out Of Your Garden

Many people believe that their garden is a space designed only to look good during the day, but it has little to no function once the sun goes down This simply isn’t true, with proper garden lighting your garden doesn’t need to be put to sleep in the dark, but can be as beautiful and useful as in the sunlight.

A Wide Range of Styles

Whether you want to highlight a particular piece of greenery or architecture, simply light a path to avoid tripping hazards, or if you want to light a sitting area so it can be used at night, garden lighting solves all of this and more. Not only does it solve the problem, but it can be done so in a very non-intrusive way, as the cables, timers, and dimmers can all be out-of-sight so that they are accessible when needed, but not unsightly when you are trying to enjoy your space.

In order to get the most out of your garden lighting, it is generally a good idea to light up your accent pieces. Whether that is a piece of architecture such as a fountain, plants such as a flowering shrub or a tree, a few well-placed lights can change the feel of the entire garden.

Functional & Aesthetic

Speaking for utility, as mentioned earlier, lighting a path can prevent a fall once the sun goes down, but with a dimmer and proper lighting, you can have a seating area where you can make it bright enough to play a game of cards or share refreshments with friends, or you can dim the lights and sit under a blanket and watch the stars. Either way, our experienced team of designers can help you to improve the look and usability of your garden with some well-placed lighting.

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