Water Features Designed & Installed

There’s nothing quite like a water feature to elevate even the most humble space to something far more impressive. Studies show that the sound and sight of water has a calming effect on those around it, which makes it an ideal addition to your garden at home, to an outdoor area for your employees and customers or to entice visitors to an attraction. At Pro-Scape, we stock a range of water features to complement your garden, courtyard or patio, regardless of how large or small the area you wish to enhance. From the plainest garden pond to the most elaborate of courtyard or garden waterfalls, and with an impressive choice of fonts, pools and cascades in between, we pride ourselves on being able to fit your needs to your budget and deliver industry-leading designs.

Water Feature Design

You needn’t worry if you aren’t sure which of the many water features available would suit your project because we can offer you the benefit of many years of knowledge and expertise in both domestic and commercial design and landscaping. In partnership with you, we can determine the best way to provide your space with a focal point to suit your taste and the existing style of the plot; whether you choose something modest yet elegant or a more sizeable or ornate fixture, our team will ensure it is installed to the highest standard. With this one simple inclusion to your garden, you can increase the value and desirability of your property, as well as enhance the usability of the space and make it somewhere that people will want to visit and enjoy as often and for as long as possible.

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