Creating The Perfect Summer Garden

With summer edging closer, we’re all eager to spend as much time as possible outside, soaking up everything the sunshine has to offer. How about turning your garden into the perfect summer space for you and your family to enjoy?

Be Inspired

garden shop

The first step in any garden design process is to consider what kind of space you want it to be. Gardens are an extension of your interior home, so you should take your time to find your inspiration, decide if you want plants, decking, lighting etc. Once you’ve got some vague ideas, create mood boards and visit garden stores. Take the opportunity to ask about the plants you’re considering, the attention and aftercare etc.

Start With Your Ground


The biggest part of your garden is possibly the landscaping and so, we’d recommend starting the change process with that. This will set up your garden and give you the chance to prep the other parts of the garden too. If you have pets, ensure any lawn products you use are safe for them.


garden furniture

When it comes to furnishing gardens, there are so many traditional and contemporary options available, it’s important to decide on what will meet your functional requirements, whilst still being aesthetically pleasing. If you plan to eat outside or host friends or family there, a large seating area would be fitting. To decorate the furniture, layer it with matching or contrasting soft furnishings like blankets and pillows to create a homely setting.

Light The Way

garden lights

Although summer brings more hours of daylight, it also means cool summer evenings, so lighting is key. Garden lights can be used to highlight a particular part of your greenery or architecture and they can be used to avoid any trip hazards.



For gardens that aren’t very spacious, you can use shrubbery and foliage to create the illusion by placing plants close to the fencing. Choosing plants in a wide range of colours is an ideal option for a dense and filled garden.

Contact us

There are many other things to consider when designing and maintaining the perfect garden. If you need professional advice, or team to take on the task, get in touch with our expert team today on 01284 735 779. Alternatively, use our online contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.